NRC stands for National Register of Citizens. It is a register containing the names of all Indian citizens. The NRC is maintained by the Government of India and is used to identify and document the legitimate citizens residing within the country. It is also used to distinguish between citizens and individuals who may be considered illegal immigrants or foreigners.

The NRC was first prepared in 1951, after the first census of India. It was updated in 1955 and again in 1965. However, the NRC was never implemented nationwide.

In 2014, the Government of India announced that it would update the NRC in Assam. The Assam NRC update was completed in 2019 and resulted in the exclusion of over 1.9 million people from the register.

The Government of India has also announced that it plans to update the NRC nationwide. However, there is no timeline for when this will happen.

The NRC is a controversial topic in India. Some people believe that it is necessary to identify and deport illegal immigrants. Others believe that the NRC is discriminatory and will lead to the exclusion of genuine Indian citizens

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